How I get inspiration for my paintings

I have always been inspired by big cities like New York, Berlin, Copenhagen… The city lights at night and the way the sun shines on the old buildings with vaults in the daytime. 

I live in Gilleleje, a small fishing village, where I was born og raised. But my first painting from the harbor in Gilleleje was painted in 2018.

Maybe it´s something to do with me getting old…. No!

I know, that when it was clear to me, that the fishing industry in Denmark is threatened, I woke up. Gilleleje is the harbor. And Gilleleje without an active fishing harbor is nothing. It´s really sad.

A couple of days, I went to the harbor to take pictures. Thinking of the place as a workplace for many people. Something worth to remember.

I went home and was very inspired, wanted to paint the mood I felt at the harbor. Very quickly I had 3 paintings finished.


Marine Art


I began on a 4th painting. This one was a bit different. I took the picture of this boat because it had a skull in front and a pirate flag. As I was painting one evening, I got a message on my phone, on a dating app I had signed up the day before… I stopped painting, stopped breathing, I wasn´t ready for this. It was only 10 years since I had been divorced (Irony can occur).

It turned out to be the owner of the boat I was painting. It was meant to be. We have been together everyday since. The life on the harbor still inspires to new paintings.

Take a look at my Marine Paintings.


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